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Strength Balance Flexibility

Online Pilates Classes with Pilatesbody Lisa Walsh | Small Props - Resistance bands, Soft Ball, Activation Bands, Pilates Rings, Trigger Points/Myofascia Release Balls

strength balance flexibility

Jennifer Buttner 1Jennifer Buttner 1
14:42 08 Sep 20
Have being doing Lisa's classes for years, and each class still makes you work! Classes are tailored to all abilities with modifications always suggested (though likely to be frowned upon if you take an easier option!). She embraced the online virtual class and has really made it work. Her classes alway incorporate stretches and the spikes balls at the end are great. Highly recommend Lisa's classes.
Mary EganMary Egan
21:35 01 Sep 20
Well Constructed thorough workout which was also very enjoyable and interactive
Martina O RiordanMartina O Riordan
00:02 30 Aug 20
Absolutely love Lisa's classes. I always feel so much better after the class and I learn techniques that I can use in short bursts in between classes. Thanks Lisa!
Nicola YorkNicola York
11:57 29 Aug 20
I have been doing on line pilates since May with Lisa. Her classes are very informative and I feel so much better. Working from home and having children I found it very hard to get out of the house to attend classes. Now that Lisa is doing zoom classes it is so much easier to do them from home.
Tina CushenTina Cushen
06:56 29 Aug 20
I have been attending lisa s classes for about 10 years and can't praise her enough. I have arthritis, bursitis,facet joint degeneration and bulging discs.also broke a bone in my neck so was nervous about starting pilates . .but Lisa monitors your movements and corrects you quietly throughout class .she gives clear instructions and demonstrates all movements . She is also a genius when it comes to knowledge of anatomy . And she makes classes fun with her friendly bubbly personality. I even managed to drag my hubby along too. He agrees you won't find a better instructor. Thanks Lisa x x
Orla BerginOrla Bergin
00:16 29 Aug 20
Lisa is an excellent instructor who guides, entices and cajoles her students through the class. She encourages you to advance and improve while carefully monitoring your activities. She has a great sense of humour which helps with the pain!!! But there’s no gain without it!! There’s definitely gain in Lisa’s Pilates classes!
Siobhan CawleySiobhan Cawley
19:36 28 Aug 20
I am thoroughly enjoying the Zoom classes with Lisa - every bit as good as being in a Studio.Lisa is able to correct form even though she isn’t in the room with me. I love the classes; they are really keeping me going during Lockdown and beyond. Lisa puts people at ease and really works us at the same pain no gain😎
18:32 28 Aug 20
Lisa is an excellent instructor. She encourages you to always work towards the next level. Her knowledge of anatomy and her ability to explain & help people to understand the links between the different parts of the body are extremely beneficial in aiding other forms of exercise / training. Her instruction is very clear and she's also very good humoured along the way! Try her class - you'll be glad you did. 🙂

Online & In-studio classes